This little blog is on hold for right now. You can come and meet me at Shirley Twofeathers, if you'd like. One day, when I do actually start to SELL my art online, or when I begin to actively TAKE the steps necessary to begin to get it sold, I'll come back and document places, processes, and ideas that work for me. In the mean time, come and see me at Shirley Twofeathers, or visit Mandala Madness, or check out Green Dolphin Studio. And whatever you do, have a great day!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blogging the Art

I have read in a number of different places, that blogging is a good way to promote what you do. And so, not being one to do anything in moderation, I created a number of blogs. I use Blogger as my blogging platform because it's free, it's easy, and there are a lot of simple ways to tweak the templates to make them unique. If I had the time to make a gagillion blogs, I might try also the wordpress and typepad free blogging services.

For the mandala art, I created Mandala Madness. - blog about mandalas. I wanted something that would attract mandala lovers. It has poetry, quotes, visiting mandalas, interesting tidbits of information about mandalas of all kinds, and of course - my mandalas. It does take some time to put the daily posts together, but I think it's shaping up nicely.

I also joined Zaadz. It's a social networking site for people interested in spiritual concepts, and changing the world, and seemed like a really good place to make friends and share the mandalas and the abstract art. I've got a page for a photo album, and also a blog. The Middle of the Night Art is a little dark for that site, and I'm thinking that maybe it might be better suited for My Space, or Deviant Art.

The other blogs that I have created do not directly "promote" my art, but do offer links to Green Dolphin Studio, the Cafe Press store, and to the other sites that do. Here's a list of the blogs I am currently keeping up with:

And here are the ones I have fallen dreadfully behind on:

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