This little blog is on hold for right now. You can come and meet me at Shirley Twofeathers, if you'd like. One day, when I do actually start to SELL my art online, or when I begin to actively TAKE the steps necessary to begin to get it sold, I'll come back and document places, processes, and ideas that work for me. In the mean time, come and see me at Shirley Twofeathers, or visit Mandala Madness, or check out Green Dolphin Studio. And whatever you do, have a great day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

100 Pic Challenge

Today I stumbled onto something really cool at Chaoticat. It's the 100 pic challenge. The point of the challenge is to test and improve your skill as an artist or photographer. The idea being to create 100 pictures, and after 100 pics who wouldn't be a better artist or photographer?

If I can get other people to do it with me, we might create a web page together for our individual contributions to the challenge. If it looks like I'm in this alone, I'll be posting my pics here. If you see this, and want to join in, that would be great! Challenges are easier to complete when you've got friends and companions along for the ride.

So, check out the rules at Chaoticat or deviant art, and let's get started!

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