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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Abstract Art for sale

My selection of the four abstract art pieces was based on how much I love them, how easy they would be to scan (for prints), and also for how easy they would be to pack and ship. This is what I came up with. If you want to see them bigger, click on an image and it will enlarge:

Blue Fish
This is pigmented india ink on 100% rag premium paper. I love the colors in it, and when ever I look at it, I just want to go there. It's small, only 8" x 10".


HalloweenThis one is one of my all time favorites. It's mixed media on watercolor paper. Another small painting, this one is only 9" x 12". The wonderfully creepy interesting textures and colors give it so much depth and flavor, don't you think?


Owl MoonI always see new things when I look at this painting. It's like a shamanic dream. Today it looks to me like there is someone sitting under the moon, hidden in the shadows. Cool huh? This one is a 9"x12" mixed media on watercolor paper.


Cosmic IrisThis is the largest one. I had to scan it four times and then merge the scans, but it was worth the effort. This one is ink and acrylic on rice paper, and is 9" x 13". It has a wonderful translucent quality.

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