This little blog is on hold for right now. You can come and meet me at Shirley Twofeathers, if you'd like. One day, when I do actually start to SELL my art online, or when I begin to actively TAKE the steps necessary to begin to get it sold, I'll come back and document places, processes, and ideas that work for me. In the mean time, come and see me at Shirley Twofeathers, or visit Mandala Madness, or check out Green Dolphin Studio. And whatever you do, have a great day!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Ok, so I want to sell my art online. And this is my year. So I'm going to do it. Hmmm, what should I do first?

I guess first I need to have art to sell. Lets just take a look around the house... Well, let me see... there is art on the walls, art leaning up against the walls, art in the closet, art in front of the closet, art in the other closet, art in the computer, art on the computer, even some art under the computer. There is art on the dining room table, art on the art room table.. There's even art in the dresser drawers. There is so much art around here, I almost don't have room for me!

There is so much art, I don't even know where to start. I guess that's going to be step two. Figuring out what paintings to start with. So... should I start working at selling paintings in alphabetical order? Favorites first? Start with one series? Put forth a variety of styles and colors? Do a weekly pick 6? Run around the house blindfolded and just grab something?

I think I'll just bop on over to the "Question of the Day" and see if I can get any valuable insights or answers.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about giving some of your art?

Two Feathers said...

Yes, actually I do give it away sometimes. At work the other day, I gave out a bunch of prints I had made. It's so much fun to see my mandalas decorating people's work spaces. Also I recently gave someone permission to use my art for the cover of a book she is working on. So. That's a good question, and the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

That is cool to give away our creations. I want to create something fantastic where a lot of people young and old will be involved in the creation, involving artwork, painting, writing and designing costumes. It is a very large undertaking but I feel the community will be proud of it for years to come!

Anonymous said...

Giving away art is thought-provoking and wonderful. A local artist where I live made huge circles and shapes in the sandy riverbank. He was in the news for days and days for doing something big and free. I don't keep alot of my work - I love when it leaves because then there is a vacuum that stimulates more work to come. I always imagine it will be better than the last piece...

Anonymous said...

The school's masterpiece is almost done but I feel that it is the beginning of something very wonderful for the whole community!

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